CEO/CTO: David J. Garfield

David Garfield brings over 20 years of experience in the software development and video game industry.  Branching out after software developing for Microsoft, Sierra, Electronic Arts, GT Interactive, Atari, Apogee, Datamost and several others he is one of the original pioneers conceptualizing the need for an ESRB as the first software publisher creating a Rating for NV (Non-Violent) Children’s Video Game Titles.   He has successfully started three software companies most recently Wonderdog Entertainment, a software, film and video production facility which has been profitable for over ten years.

As an entrepreneurial advocate, David launched Mindpoint Software Technology LLC with Danny Connelly in February 2012 and developed the core of the innovative Virtual Blogging Expo Widget known as AlsoVille.  A publishing community social partnership application providing a way of increasing audience popularity and value to bloggers and company website owners.

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