Communication is one of the crucial factors in determining the success of any company or business. Be it with the clients and customers or within the organization, proper communication is a must.

However, the way we communicate has changed a lot in recent decades. Now the technology has made it possible what was thought of as impossible in the past. Interactive smartboard is one such technology that can be used in a number of ways to improve communication not only with clients but also within the …

The constant growth of technology and communication has created better ways of reaching clients. Our everyday lives involve sharing ideas and information with people at all levels by interacting with them – whether during meetings, coaching, presentations, or training sessions. Most times, these interactions are carried out through the form of a PowerPoint presentation, a flip chart or just a display on the desktop – which gives room for a presenter and a viewer. But this is not interactive enough.

What Does Interactive Solution Really Mean?

Electronic white board has been around for over two decades. First introduced in 1991, it has become an increasingly popular medium for training, giving presentations, holding meetings and many other purposes. Electronic white board employs the use of an erasable whiteboard mounted on a wall or stand and a computer and projector that projects the desktop onto the whiteboard. It is becoming the choice form of whiteboard for many businesses due to the myriad benefits it offers which include:

1. Accessible Through Multiple D

Touch screen whiteboard is the device that is rapidly transforming the present day classroom education. It has given rise to new possibilities for learning and teaching. It has also helped to overcome the drawbacks of conventional teaching methods. The various functions and features of this device make it ideal for use in classrooms.

For instance, many students find the concepts of fluid dynamics in physics, difficult to understand. The main reason for this is that they can’t visualize properly how the fluid particles interact with each …

Dry erase whiteboards have been an indispensable part of business meetings and team discussions. It’s easy to display important information and make everything clear. However, the modern technology offers a far better alternative to the conventional dry erase whiteboards, that is, interactive whiteboard. Here are six advantages of this device.

1. Saving Information

On dry erase whiteboard, it is not possible to retain the information and points for long. Whereas, on the interactive whiteboard, the user can easily save the notes and information to review …

An electric white board is definitely an up a notch compared to older forms of presentation tools. It allow you to display colorful presentations, and at the same time allows you to interact with the images and objects of your presentation.

Since the electric white board comes with a new technology, you also need to configure it in a way that is very different from older generation presentation tools.

The most important thing that you need to do is to configure the alignment of the electric …

Finding a teaching method that would benefit all students is a challenging task. Up to now, there is no perfect model that can successfully be implemented so students can make the most out of knowledge and fully explore their talents and abilities. The flipped classroom is an option, yet not all teachers agree with it.

009These are the main reasons why some teachers don’t support the flipped classroom:

1. Students might learn less.
The classroom material might not be engaging enough for students to keep a …

Before you can learn to use a tool and integrate it into your lessons, you need to have an appreciation of its value and understand how to actually use the device productively during lessons.

Interactive display technology is not a “magic bullet.” It’s an incredibly powerful tool. Unless you understand how digital whiteboards can help, it’s hard to justify the time you would have to spend learning to use them. Here are some steps that will guide you to enhance your lessons with a digital whiteboard.…

These days, kids are becoming familiar with electronic technology before they can walk or talk. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have some firm concepts in mind for making optimum use of tools ranging from the tablet to the interactive board. In this article, we will share some clever ideas to help you and your little ones use the interactive board to its fullest potential.

785951052542Teach Spelling & Vocabulary
Display a list of appropriate vocabulary words on your own interactive board, but keep …

There are lots of great tools you can use to create some really impressive presentations; however, creation is only half the battle when it comes to effectiveness in presentation. You also need a great presentation “surface” that grabs and holds your audience’s attention.

Sure, you could use a projector and screen or your laptop, but if you want a truly memorable display setting, nothings beats an interactive board for four very solid reasons.


First of all, it’s cool! When you use an interactive board to share …